Creative Computation for
Visual Communication Design

This site presents the final student projects from the course Creative Computation for Visual Communication Design, organised at the VCD MA programme at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture 2.11.—9.12.2021.

During the course the students were introduced to the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript and the p5.js library. In addition to hands-on experiments with code, the course provided theoretical and critical perspectives to computational practices in design.


The course projects presented here interpret the idea of a digital museum: A generative collection of computational artefacts which exhibit variations of a theme. Curated collections from the various museums are also displayed as printed posters, exhibited in the Väre building on Aalto Campus during 9.12.—17.12.2021.

Teacher: Eevi Rutanen
Supervising teacher: Rupesh Vyas
Class of 2020

Katri Astala

Adelaida Avila Cabrera

Anastasiia Balagurova

Hares Bassil

Ulla Eronen

Nina Grönlund

Noa Joulin

Veera Kemppainen

Kaisa Koisti

Juha Koivusalo

Hau Lok Lo

Sofia Mejia Diez

Pinja Mäentaka

Iisa Pappi

Iida Pohjolainen

Muniba Rasheed

Jen Sanderson

Laura Soini

Anjori Tandon

Zoltán Visnyai

Petra Zajácz