Hour-lily (Momo)

Nanako Ueda

The programme was inspired by my favourite childhood book 'Momo'.

By moving the mouse, you can change the shape of the flower at will. You can also get new flower shapes by clicking the mouse. The colour of the flower also changes naturally over time.

"This star pendulum is now slowly approaching the edge of the pond. Then a large flower bud sprang up from the surface of the water. As the pendulum approached, the bud gradually began to swell, and eventually a fully opened flower appeared on the surface of the water.It was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. It was as if it were made of glowing colours themselves. She had never imagined that such colours could exist. The star pendulum stayed on the flower for a while. The star pendulum remained on the flower for a while, and she lost herself in the sight of it. Just smelling it, she felt that this was what she had always longed for, even though she was not sure what it was."- Michael Ende, from 'Momo'.