Excuse My Spanish

Sofía Mejía Diez

My project is a museum of swear words from Colombia. We are a very fouled mouth society and say them in basically every sentence (or I do at least). They are used not only to insult but also to express happiness, excitement, anger, annoyance, fiendship, among many other emotions. I feel that when colombians say swear words, they come from the heart, they are filled with force and feeling; it's a reflection of our spirit and personality which in one word I would describe as fire. Also, I must point out that our swear words are very particular, such as "gonorrea" which in the literal sense means a sexually transmited infection. The name of the project comes from the expression "excuse my french" which is used to excuse yourself whenever you swear, disguising the profanities as coming from another language. In the project you can see the most common swear words said in Colombia, their application in a sentence and the slang meaning in english. Everytime you press the mouse you will discover a new phrase!