This automat gives you a format, tool and theme to create zines to overcome your personal designer's block, or to explore. Read below about the automat. Click "New Design Work" to randomize your zine project.

Handle topics with respect and tactfully remembering your personal priviledges. Remeber to check your facts and name possible references when publishing.

Some combinations of formats and tools may come out weirdly but finding ways to create them will be most likely rewarding adventure so do not give up before trying! :-)

Why Zine?
Zine is not limited to certain tools, format or topic: it can be about anything in any kind of form. Zine can be a magazine, book or web page. It can combine text and pictures or be only filled with another. It can have one page or multiple pages. It gives freedom to create and is uncommercial design work.

Why Feminist and Antiracist Theme?
To develop design field, we need more design practice that is critical and speculative. Intersectional feminism and antiracism are part of every social issue and that way inclusive forms of activism.