Digital tools
for artisans of today
This site presents the final student projects
from the course Creative Computation for
Visual Communication Design, organised
at the VCD MA programme at Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
During the course the students were introduced
to the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript
and the p5.js library. In addition to hands-on
experiments with code, the course provided theoretical
and critical perspectives to
computational practices in design.
The final projects presented here offer various
insights to the following questions:
What kind of digital tools might we need
as contemporary practitioners?
Does crafting our own tools empower us as
creative professionals? How can we employ
computation in our design practices to
automate processes, solve problems or
generate novel ideas?
Teacher: Eevi Rutanen
Supervising teacher: Rupesh Vyas
Front page designed and developed by Strahinja Jovanovic.
Student Projects:

Qi Chen
Aleksandra Czupryna
Iiris Halme
Ayano Honda
Emma Johansson
Strahinja Jovanovic
Stella Keppo
Annukka Laine
Annika Leppäaho
Anna Mäkelä
Hilla Mäkelä
Tuuli Ollikainen
Leonardo Passuello
Pauline Peeters
Mihkali Pennanen
Aliisa Perikangas
Oona Raadelma
Aino Salonen
Iina Silventoinen
Federico Simeoni
Johanna Tenström
Otso Teperi
Sanni Wessman